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Modern Day Romeos absolutely love performing weddings! With over 75 weddings performed at over the lifetime of the band, they have taken their crowd interactive brand of entertainment and personalized it to match the wishes and desires of the new bride and groom. You will hear all the songs that MDR is known for, as well dance competitions (both good and bad), Cowbell Challenge, and countless sing-along songs that you can most certainly be called up to help sing.  


In addition to the band performing, you can also hire Jim (lead singer) to MC and DJ the event. If you have seen MDR in the past, you know there is not a better person to lead your reception! He will do everything he can before, during and after the band's performance to make sure not a person leaves without a smile on their face. 


Please see below for videos, photo's and testimonials, on what having Modern Day Romeos Wedding Performances look like!


If you would like MDR at your wedding reception please send email to and include date, location and any other specifics you may have for the wedding to get the most accurate qoute.



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